Woodall House


Where the report of the child being pushed down steps

This house had some wild stuff going on....located in Pelham, NC. The house seemed to have some dark history and so does the land. We received a call from the home owners telling us about a eerie feeling in the basement, a child being pushed down the steps, a bible being moved from a baby crib, the baby "floating" 3 feet and dropped on the sofa, and they had reported seeing shadows.

We arrived at the location around 10:30 pm on May 20th, the family began showing us the "hot spots" and showing us some pictures of a smoky cloud they caught one night outside and told us they had seen a little boy outside next to the house. It seemed to be affecting their personalities also, and  adding more tension in the home.




Orb at door above dresser - The only orb seen on this camera 

This video clip contains a light anomaly that comes up from the basement and turns straight up towards the camera and at the same time a voice is heard after Chris and Max are discussing what Bible verse to read on the audio file. The voice recorder is setup on the steps, all this happens at the same time just as we begin our investigation. 









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