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Will Moore -  Co-Founder and Lead Investigator

  • Co-Founded VIPS in 2009 with his cousin Max McGregor
  • EVP specialist and brings an attention to detail
  • While Driving home one evening and was stopped at stop sign and looked up and saw a old woman staring at me, as I drive off I looked back and she was gone in an instant.
  • Started watching Ghost Hunters, Ghost Lab, and Ghost Adventures, became interested in investigating the paranormal further
  • Always had an interest in shows such as Unsolved Mysteries and other detective shows  
  • Case Manager
  • Equipment and Audio/Video Tech Manager
  • Business Manager and Public Relations
  • Website developer

 Kathy Parrett - Investigator

  • Rejoined group in 2013
  • Asst. Business Manager 
  • Asst. Case Manager

 Chasity Swann - Investigator

  • Well as long as I can remember I have always seen or felt the presence of spirits.
  • I have taken pictures that I believe had evidence of the paranormal.
  • I have had  experiences in my house.
  • I love watching Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.


Chris Poteat - Lead Investigator 

  • Video Tech Manager
  • Security knowledge
  • Electronics knowledge 

Kim Poteat - Investigator and Historical Researcher

  •  Asst. Case Manager
  • Asst. Business Manager

 VIPS VA Beach Team

 (434) 429-5511

Max McGregor Co-Founder and Lead Investigator

  • Started VIPS in 2009 with his cousin Will Moore
  • Studied the paranormal for the past several years 
  • Business manager
  • Case manager
  • Started VIPS VA Beach Team in the summer of 2013 after moving to VA Beach

 Karla Edmunds - Investigator

  •  My interest in paranormal investigation has led me to pursue myself further into having experiences and documenting incredible evidence to prove to myself and to others that something can still be here and i want to know why old spirits linger still.
  • I am a strong driven woman with the initiative to bring my passion to life.
  • I have had what you would call an extreme experience face to face. I am without a doubt that the energy that manifested itself to me was dark but meant no harm. But sense then i know there is something unworldly.
  • I have seen a doppelganger of a woman that i know and never have i understood what i saw until recent research on my experience.



 Sonya Ingram Historian and  Part-Time Investigator 

Works with Perservation Virginia

Vice-President of Danville Historical Society





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