Investigation in Pittsylvania County - Dec 2010

  This case was interesting, the report was of a shadow changing shape, with the focus being outside made it more difficult. We didn't capture any video evidence except for a few flashes of unexplained lights on the DVR. As far as the inside investigation, no activity with exception of a few unexplained pulsations on Will's recorder in the second bedroom, as if the K-II had lit up but there was no K-II present. Will, Chris, Jen, and Amy went to the barn on the property and experienced some K-II activity. We started getting hits around Jen and it would come and go, as if it was running around us playing? We started asking questions to find out what we were dealing with. We asked if it was a child and the K-II lit up, kept asking an age and we got hits on 12, so we asked if they died there and it lit up again, so then we asked how. We asked if they died in a farming accident and got a hit, a storm got nothing, farming accident again and it lit up again.


 Investigation in Danville, VA - June 2010


 We recently investigated a home with a large amount of claims. Max and Will went out for the pre-investigation meeting and toured the location. This was late in the afternoon on a Wednesday and planned to return for the investigation on Friday night. On the tour the client explained the types of activity and gave us a time frame that the activity peaks, which was between 12 midnight and 4 am. Some the claims was a woman seen in the kitchen, a small boy playing with a plant, and people were heard chatting. Upon arriving to the residence, Max noted that there was a power transformer next to the entrance of the driveway. We scanned the upper level of the house with the K-II meter and found no unusual EMF fields. We toured the basement checked the fuse box and inspected the wiring and plumbing for any signs of concern. We found no concerns there except for some dampness on a wall near the front of the house in the basement. So we returned Friday night as promised at around 11pm to setup our equipment and go over the location with the other team members. Once the investigation started just before midnight, Max and Will headed to the basement and began an EVP session at 12 o'clock, Will noted some loud feedback on the recorder, Max said he heard it too, and this happened about three more times in that same area. We looked for a source but could not find any reason for the feedback. So Chris came down to the basement with an Master Guass EMF meter and it was picking up extreme levels of EMF everywhere in the basement. So we headed upstairs and the EMF meter and it was going crazy everywhere we went, so we started to conclude that there was a wiring problem with home or the land was causing this steady high EMF. We found no evidence of paranormal activity. The client has some exsisting health problems and we determined that they were sensitive to the EMF and that was causing them additional problems. So we advised them to seek an electrican and have them come out and check the wiring and the grounding of the wires. We still are not sure why the EMF spikes are so high from 12 midnight until 4 am?  We told them if the problems are fixed and them still experience any acitivity we would be more than happy to come back and reinvestigate.  

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