Sonja Ingram


Sonja's - 3/13/10

We investigated Ingram’s 1920s-built farm house in Keeling in March, because visitors have said they have observed odd occurrences in her home — such as the bathroom light switch moving up and down.  She heard people talking in her home even though it is far from the highway.  Previous owners said they heard a child crying or a ghostly cat on the stairs.  VIPS’ report noted a “heavy feeling” in one room that moved into the master bedroom. Equipment also picked up four “EVPs” — electronic voice phenomenon — and two EMF spikes.

ghost bedroom.mp3

EVP - We were in the former childs bedroom and he asked if you are the ghost that visited him and you hear "no"  

We were in living room and he said felt something behind him and Will snapped a photo and there appears to be a man in a black jacket on the drape. 


 EVP - Will and Sara were at the bottom of stairs and Will saw something run up the stairs and shined his flashlight up and it was a cat, there was a report of a "ghost cat" seen in that area. You hear "listen" and then a click and a "scream" with something being said under the scream. No investigator heard any of this at the time.

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