The story of the Klenner Clinic in Reidsville, NC goes something like this, Fritz Klenner Jr , was the son of one of the area’s prominent doctors, Fredrick Klenner, who was responsible for researching and discovering the many benefits of vitamin C. Fritz was supposed to attend Duke University to follow in his father's footsteps but he never attended school and began his "own" practice at his father's clinic.

Several individuals around Fritz began to discover his secret including, the pharmacy assistant Stephanie who worked on the first floor of the Clinic. It is said that he murdered four people including Stephanie who discovered his secret.

Dr. Klenner died about a year before Fritz, but did reportedly know about his son’s secret. He was exiting the clinic one day via the back stair-well and suffered either a heart attack or stroke, perishing on the landing of the steps there.

Throughout its history the Klenner Clinic was also home to the meetings of several infamous operations including the Improved Order of the Red Man and the Klu Klux Klan.

Today, the second floor is decorated as a Hollywood-style haunted house known as Nightmare on Scales Street

Thanks to our friends at TimeStoppers Paranormal, we were allowed to investigate the clinic in October 2013. We can't wait to go back and investigate again!

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We found some very interesting audio upon reviewing our recorders, which we had placed throughout the building. We had one in the poker room, one in the large KKK meeting room and one on top of 3rd floor stairs, one in the dressing room, and one in the cellar. We had one in the nursery room but the recorder shut off after only 30 minutes. We didn't see anything out of the ordinary on our video equipment.


3rd Floor Steps 

This recorder was setup at the top of the stairs with a DVR camera.

The claims were a gentleman named Richard would greet you on the stairs. A little girl's voice was captured in the room to the left of this recorder. 

32s child voice you leaving.mp3

4m6s Voice rod will use it.mp3

24m51s childs voice unknown.mp3

39m26s child voice hey.mp3

40m22s get in there.mp3


1hr27m48s 2 bangs upstairs.mp3

1hr35m12s tell us your name.mp3

 Dressing Room

1m20s Voice and know what im saying and yeah.mp3

1m57s whaaa sound while max walking around.mp3

23m45s Max setup tripod voices talking to him.mp3

24m54s Max leaves unexplained voice.mp3

1hr33m19s anybody here Im here.mp3

1hr38m09s Voice sounds musical Nothing.....mp3

1hr53m18s Voice as Max walks down stairs to get recorder.mp3

 Poker Room

There was some activity captured not long after we turned the recorders on and on the way up the stairs. The spirits heard us coming and interacted when we asked about the pole in the room. After, we headed downstairs there was a lot of knocks and movement upstairs.

6m30s Dragging sound then click.mp3

7m47s knock.mp3

9m35s child hmm and then bang.mp3

15m50s theyre here.mp3

25m03s Yeah chasity dance on pole.mp3

28m17s knock that Max and Chasity heard.mp3

28m35s it was me.mp3

54m21s yeah after max asked if wanted us to leave room.mp3

1hr10m21s 2 clicks.mp3

1hr16m27s to1hr16m57s 3 knocks.mp3

1hr19m9s 2 knocks then footstep.mp3

1hr21m14s Bang with echo.mp3

 KKK /ORM Meeting Room

4m15s Glass clank and 2 bangs.mp3

7m7s something falls.mp3

10m38s theyre here with a voice just before.mp3

27m50s SB7 Doctor.mp3

29m10s SB7 names.mp3

31m05s SB7 on lap.mp3

45m8s voice Max heard.mp3

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