Virginia Investigation of Paranormal Science 

Product review of new EMF-ITC  

We are located in beautiful historic Danville, VA,  known as the last capital of the confederate and the former home of Dan River Fabrics, Inc.  VIPS is working closely with local Historical Societies, in Danville and Pittsylvania County to help promote the historical value and tourism of the area.

Virginia Investigation of Paranormal Science is a state of the art, professional, paranormal research team, founded in 2009 by cousins Max McGregor and Will Moore.  

We offer completely  free service to our clients.

At VIPS our first goal is help our clients by trying to help them get an understanding of what is happening to them and offer assistance. Our second goal is to capture audio and video evidence of paranormal activity or ghosts,  our third goal is to find the "natural" cause of the claims, and lastly we review all the data collected and present our findings to the client and then ask if we can investigate our findings further, again at no charge to the client. Got Ghosts? Unexplained Shadows? Unexplained Sounds? Contact Virginia Investigation of Paranormal Science for a Free professional paranormal investigation.
Will 434-251-2566

 Virginia Investigation of Paranormal Science

 Mission Statement 

VIPS believes in a professional and scientific approach to investigations and the ability to develop new standards in the paranormal research field. 

 We like to incorporate common sense ideas with original and innovative techniques, and philosophies.

We will make an attempt to debunk claims of activity while maintaining an open mind.

We are not out to prove skeptics wrong or a believer right, we just provide evidence, recommendations, and allow the client to be the judge.




We have two more cases under review and should have these finding posted here soon.

We would like to welcome our newest member:

 Stephen Jordan



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     VIPS Investigation Process

    • Setup interview with client
    • Setup investigation time
    • Arrive at location
    • Setup equipment
    • Investigation process usually takes  3 to 5 hours
    • Pack up equipment
    • Review data collected - usually takes 3 to 4 days
    • Contact client to setup reveal
    • Show client our findings
    • Make recommendations
    • Setup a follow-up

    Featured Equipment

    This is a Mel meter. With this meter that we can use in 3 different ways at the same time. EMF( Electromagnetic field ) and temperature measurements and an em field generator. All can be used to locate and communicate with spirits.




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    Photo from Doss Investigation captured on game camera

     Photo from Woodall Investigation captured on game camera

    Investigation Application

    Do you feel threatened?

    Investigation Release Form

    I give Virginia Investigation of Paranormal Science to the right to investigate my residence / business / property for any paranormal activity. I will not be held responsible for any injury or “paranormal mishap” to any member of the VIPS team. All VIPS members will conduct an investigation in a professional manner and will be respectful of your property and belongings, VIPS will not be held responsible for any damages beyond our control.

    I allow VIPS to perform the investigation and agree to the terms stated above

    I will allow VIPS to publish their finding to their website / social media pages

    Sutherlin Mansion - Danville, VA  

    Danville's "most haunted"  location...yet to be investigated...

     Wreck of the Old 97 

     The Dan River in downtown Danville, VA

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