Carter's Tavern


Carter's Tavern - 10/30/10 and Revisited 1/17/11

We found a article written by Tom Howell in 2011 look at bottom of page to read the article on Carter's Tavern!

Located in Halifax County, Joseph Dodson, Sr. built the smaller section as his dwelling before 1773, his younger son Joseph Dodson, Jr. operated it as an ordinary early in 19th century located on River Road, then the principal highway between Halifax Court House and Danville and part of the main stage coach road between New Orleans and New York.  Samuel Carter bought the tavern in 1807 and enlarged it with a two-story addition and managed it until his death in 1836.  His widow Elizabeth Carter operated it until she died in 1843, the tavern then closed. Restored in the 1970's, Carter's Tavern is a rare example of a once common Virginia Institution. 

 Carter's Tavern - Strange orb at light fixture


Between the door frame and furniture looks like a person standing there in a white gown you can see an arm

Revisited 1/17/2011

EVP - We revisited Carters Tavern on 1/17/11 and we caught this evp whie on the 3rd floor. This is from Will's recorder, you hear a breath (23 secs) and I'm asking who's breathe it was and you hear "Jessie" (1:02). There was no one upstairs at the time, I thought Kim was there but she had left the room prior.  


Revisited 1/17/2011

EVP -  1/17/11 Ghostbox and white noise box on. I ask "who's Jack" and I get a response "person at top of steps, who saw me dancing". You hear me ask in shock of hearing this real time EVP "the person shot at top of the steps?" Here's the amazing part...that's the story of what happened in the 1800's at the top of the steps, a man was shot for dancing with his wife! Note: The ghostbox doesn't produce but a one word phrase due to it constant scanning of the radio band.


Carter's Tavern dance of death


On the February 18th evening news on Channel 13 out of Lynchburg, Virginia aired a paranormal investigation, a "ghost hunt", at Carter's Tavern in Halifax County. This tavern was built before the Revolutionary War and it's claimed that George Washington stopped here for a refreshing beverage or two..

According to the residents, (the old tavern is now a private home), two psychic investigation groups have spent the night looking for evidence of ghosts, the Bedford Paranormal Society and a Danville group known as the VIPS.
Two murders have taken place at Carter's Tavern. In addition, someone is buried in the back yard. When someone dies as a result of foul play, a haunting can result.
Inside the Tavern, there are antiques from the 18th century. The place does take you back in time.
"Several people around in this area think that this house is haunted," resident Mark Willard told us. "We've never encountered a ghost here, but we've had two sets of paranormal investigators here and now you and they've all recorded experiences. I've never had one, so I'm a skeptic."
But on the third floor ballroom where a murder took place - on Will's recorder there was a sound that recorded was far away, so it had to be standing next to this stationary recorder, according to the ghostvips website. These are the EVPs, the Electronic Voice Phenomena.
The are audio recorders to capture dis-embodied voices of spirits, and such ghost-hunting tools as digital video, digital still cameras and electromagnetic field detectors. Todays investigators also use a laser grid that shoots beams all over a room. If the lasers break, VIPS' McGregor attributes it to paranormal activity.
The VIPS group also picked up this recording on what they refer to as their "ghost box":
"EVP - 1/17/11 Ghostbox and white noise box on. I ask "who's Jack" and I get a response "person at top of steps, who saw me dancing". You hear me ask in shock of hearing this real time EVP "the person shot at top of the steps?" Here's the amazing part...that's the story of what happened in the 1800's at the top of the steps, a man was shot for dancing with his wife!"
And so the old story is confirmed, newlyweds were at Carter's Tavern, having a good time drinking and dancing. Someone danced with the blushing bride and the jealous husband shot him on the spot, the spot on the third floor ballroom where there is still a blood stain on the floor. If only those walls could talk, what a tale they could tell of vengence from the grave. Who's Jack?
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, Roanoke Psychic Examiner

Tom Howell made an award-winning 16mm documentary on parapsychology in the 1970s. In the 1990s he had a 400-page website on psychic phenomena that continues to this day. Tom travels the world reporting on strange phenomena. Contact Tom at

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The house was incredible looking, very beautiful setup. Once we arrived at Carter's Tavern, that night it had overall good feeling. While setting up equipment upstairs on the second floor, Will keep hearing movement in the small bedroom where there was a report of a woman being seen in the window. During the Investigation on the second floor bedroom, Amy made contact with a young man named Jesse, around the age of 18 and possible soilder. Chris noticed on the DVR camera on the third floor ballroom, there appeared to be some odd movement of some orbs.  During the EVP session in the ballroom, Will introduced a white noise sound machine and picked up a EVP almost immediately, after asking some questions, we picked up a class A EVP when asked who was shot at the top of the stairs. We got a response of "Jack".


During our revisit to Carter's Tavern, we focused on the 3rd floor ballroom. According to L.B. Taylor, Jr's Ghost of Virginia book, there was a lover's quarrel and a man was shot. Our EVP's we caught here on the second visit adds some vaildation to the claims. Will asked, "who's Jack" and we got an response of "person at top of steps, who saw me dancing" and we caught a breath and Will asked "who was that?" and got response of "Jessie". So we wonder if Jessie was shot by Jack?   

EVP - 2nd floor bedroom you'll hear a breath or growl and then "help" . The background noise was investigators evp session in other room.


EVP - 2nd floor bedroom - Can you hear the "no"? You hear investigators in the other room.


EVP - Carter's Tavern - 3rd floor ballroom where a murder took place - On Will's recorder the sound was far away, so it had to be standing next to this stationary recorder


EVP - Here s the same EVP on Will's recorder across the room from stationary recorder 


EVP -  Will just turned on white noise machine and was next to stairs heard something sounds like "what the f is it?" and I ask Max if it was him, but it was not picked up on other recorder in room


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