V.I.P.S members use some of the latest technical equipment to locate and identify paranormal activity


 EMF Meters

 K-II meter - EMF meter that is used generally as a yes/no meter

 MEL REM-8704 - Digital EMF meter with electromagnetic field around the antenna that will sound alarm if field is broken. This meter will also measure temperture and has a flashlight built in

 EMF-ITC Device

 * 6 Line LCD display    

* 3 axis EMF sensor  

* Ion/Static Sensor    

       * Multiple display Modes

       *  See EMF wave forms

 * Sample Frequency

   * Multiple ITC modes

                                  * EMF display on screen and on LEDS

Gauss Master - Analog EMF Meter that measures electromagnetic fields

 Ghost Meter - Analog EMF meter that lights up and makes sound when EMF field is detected. We currently use 3 of these

Mel-KII Hybrid Digital EMF, Temperature, Red Flashlight, Red Backlight & Integrated KII in One!

Video Equipment  

 Zmodo - 4ch  500GB DVR with 4 Sony CCD Cameras


Lorex 4-Channel DVR with 4 Sony Infrared Cameras

Sony digital camera

JVC EVERIO Video camera with Super LoLux 

Bushnell Game Camera - Detects motion and can be used as DVR or digital still camera. We currently use 4 of these.


 Communication Devices

 P-SB7 Spirit Box

The P-SB7 utilizes a milli-second adjustable Forward or Reverse frequency "sweep" technique

  • It is also coupled with a proprietary high frequency synthetic noise or "white noise" distributed between frequency steps.
  • FM frequency sweep which includes an additional 119 new frequencies from 76MHz to 87.9MHz
  • Shack Hack Ghost Box - White noise generator that scans radio bands allowing spirits to communitcate

     Ovilus X (OVX) -  Uses surrounding energy to allow spirits to form words, has a touch mode "pings" if touched, white noise generator, EMF pump, and other options in the future.

    Ghost Hunter Store

    Temperature Measuring Tools

     Fluke - Infrared and contact thermometer

     Kestrel 4000NV Pocket Weather Tracker - We currently use 2 of these

     Actron CP7875 PocketTherm Infrared Thermometer

    Digital Recorders and EVP Analyzing software

    Olympus  WS-600S Digital Voice Recorder - Used to capture disembodied or spirit voices for EVP. We currently have 4 of these to sync with DVR system

    Coby Digital Voice Recorder - Used to capture disembodied or spirit voices for EVP. We currently use 4 of these to sync with DVR system

    Sony Digital Voice Recorder - Used to capture disembodied or spirit voices for EVP. Currently have 3 in use for investigators to carry with them

     Cool Edit Pro - EVP analysis

    Energy Speaker

    So what is an ES .... simply its a speaker that doesn't create sound ..instead it creates sound as a magnetic field.

    Several years ago we began experimenting with ways to create EVP.

    One of the most common held Idea's is simple modulation of a magnetic field inducing a signal into system electronics.

    The ES can turn any portable electronic device like a MP3 player, Recorded or even ipod or Cell phone into a magnetic broadcast system.

     Miscellaneous Equipment

    Dowsing rods  another tool that can be used to find energy spikes

     ConAire Sound Machine - Used to create white noise during EVP sessions

    Green laser Grid - Used to detect movement of spirits. We currently use 2 of these

    Below is our Wish List - Future Equipment - Help us make it happen


    Records real time evp's - records at 15hz 

     Full Spectum camcorder - records in UV and IR

    Combines real time evp with white noise  

    Mini DVR with PIR motion sensor 

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