Jessica's 12-14-11

The claims of activity were extreme at this house. The homeowner was terrified , she was afraid to be at home alone. This old mill house in the schoolfield area of Danville, built in the 1920's or 30's. It must have had some dark history.     

The homeowner had took some pictures with odd lights in the photos with her  in the living room.   

11121501.MP3 downyballno.mp3

11121502.MP3 livingroomitsus.mp3


cha,voices,yeah,yes,sh 2.MP3

voice that chris heard.mp3

voive, Battery A.mp3

come on.mp3

Video - Ball of light in front of Will  

Video -  ball of light flies out from behind Will and flies by door and through room

The video of Max seeing the ball of light pass in front of him (2 sec mark)

Video - Shot by Will - Kim felt if she had been touched


chris name,breath 2.mp3

11121401 (3).mp3bedroomevpken.mp3

noise n bedroom that scard chris.mp3

Video  - The light changes in kitchen  and towards end it looks as if something walks by the chairs

 Video shot by Will - EVP session in living room -Max sees a ball of light pass in front of him  Chris heard a growl

 Video - Shot by Will - EVP session in bedroom

Video - Shot by Will - EVP session in bedroom 

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