North Danville 8-2013

 In a north Danville suburb there is a 1960's home that has seen its share deaths. There has been three deaths over the years. The first couple who lived here had her husband pass away in the house. The second couple who lived here had his wife pass also in the house. The house was then sold to the current owner who purchased this house over ten years ago. Then about three years ago in the basement she lost her husband to long battle with illness.

Since the most recent passing the home owner has started to notice some paranormal activity. The activity seems to be centered in the basement where her husband would spend a lot of his time. Some of the claims are she would hear noises from the basement and objects being moved and she would get the feeling of "being watched" in the laundry room. Her boyfriend would feel uncomfortable while in the basement also.

She told us that she would hear the latch on basement door" click" as if someone tried to come in.

She told us of an incident that her husband had falling down the basement steps and after he passed she would hear someone walking up the basement steps and stopping halfway up.

On the main floor there have been some claims also. Her daughter would get an "uneasy" feeling in the hallway and a seen a woman in a floral dress in the hallway. The homeowner had seen a man standing in the kitchen.

During our pre-investigation walk I noticed the electrical wires and the HVAC ran directly underneath the floor of the hallway. Explained that the high EMF coming up from basement in that area of the house could cause her daughter's uneasiness in the hallway.

In the beginning I felt that we were looking at a residual haunting based on the information and the claims we received. Just before our investigation while I was adjusting some equipment in the basement, on the recorder (heard after review) a man seemed to ask me "why you doing that?" and I guess since I didn't answer he called me an "a-hole".

So maybe we were dealing with intelligent spirit after all.



 Coffee Table Recorder

 3 EVP's in the first 3 minutes of investigation. Will was adjusting some equipment in background

Why You Doing That.mp3


Unexplained voice.mp3

Click 11.52.mp3

 Couple of EVP's here: We just started our investigation got in basement and sitting down for EVP session. First is an unexplained voice and then Chasity says "it's dark in there" and then a voice repeats what she said  

evp 1 unexplained evp 2 dark in here amped.mp3

Unexplained voice amped made it clear.mp3

Camera shut off table sb-7.mp3

SB-7 Regina and her husband.mp3

Door in other room.mp3

Will checking the door after Kathy asked to knock on something...

Sounds as if the door had tried to open

Sound at door 55m04s.mp3

 Basement Door

Unexplained Voice Amped 3m16s.mp3

Click 12m21s.mp3

Knock 14m46s.mp3

Whats That 21m37s.mp3

 Wash Room

Bang (wood falling in room).mp3

Clank sound (unexplained).mp3

Click (sounds like a camera shutter).mp3

Pool Balls (sounds like in wash room).mp3

 Black Room

Must Leave It - SB-7.mp3

Bang in another room.mp3

Knock sounds like pool balls.mp3

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