Doss House

 Doss Investigation - May 14, 2011

The house was built in the late 70's or early 80's, there had been previous owners before the Doss'  bought it in 2003. We know the former owner Mr. Webb died in the house of prostate cancer at the age of 47.

The claims of activity included bedroom doors slamming, lights turn on and off, toys would turn on, the garage door would open and close on its own, and shadows being seen. The activity seem to center around the hallway and back bedroom. The master bedroom is where Mr. Webb died.  The Doss' nephew Micheal had been seen in the kitchen and master bedroom.

Had investigators experience some chills in the master bedroom, and whenever we'd ask how many are in the room we'd get a response on the ghost box of one more person then was actually there. We caught some really good EVP's on this investigation. We don't feel this to be a "harmful" spirit(s) but we believe that Micheal is there with his family still.


Is this an apparition coming out of the back bedroom on the right? Believed to be Mr. Webb who was the previous owner of the house...What do you think it is?


EVP - This recorder was setup in the kitchen, the Doss' seem to believe this is their nephew Michael, he would say this very thing everytime he came over to visit.  Note: There was only 3 men in the house and this doesnt sound like any of them.


Spirit box - (Enhanced) This recorder was in the kitchen. Karla asks to say one of our names...You hear "Michael" and  are you here with us Michael?   then you hear  "yes it's Michael"


EVP - This is from Will's recorder, you hear Kathy ask "can you shut that door for us like you've done before".... and at the 6 second mark you hear a "yes"


 EVP - In master bedroom - "Lord help me get out the bedroom" where Mr. Webb died

lord help me.mp3


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