Axton House

7up 120617_003.MP3

The EVP was in the living room max was asking how many people are in the room he started at one and we caught this....think these spirits are being funny 


This EVP was from the living room where Will asked if you had children and we heard a "yes"


SB-7 -  Will is asking about fixing room heard a child's voice say "yeah"


 SB-7 - The second childs bedroom Will asked who's room was this? Mine....

 We got a call from the home owners who just recently purchased this home and was in the process of remodeling. One night while working, they heard a man speaking while in the kids bedroom, they felt like someone was pulling him off of the couch as they slept, heard voices in the master bedroom, and seen a woman in the kitchen. 

The homeowners felt an overall uneasy feeling in the home. We arrived on June 16th at around 10:30pm and setup our equipment and began our investigation. We started in the living room, centering our attention to the couch. When we did the interview we noticed a high em field on the k2 meter in that same area but it would come and go.

During our EVP session in the living room Will asked if there was children here and heard a "yes" response. We then split up, Will went to the kids bedroom and Max went to the master bedroom, while in the kids room Will felt chills and a feeling of being watched. Max reported hearing a voice or breath while in the master bedroom. We both started a EVP session in the master bedroom after Max heard the sound. We asked many questions and kept getting some voices through the sb-7 that sounded like "get out" and Max asked if it wanted us to leave and we got a very clear "yes".


Master Bedroom -  Not sure what it says but sounds like "good"


 SB-7 - Was this a sign of things to come????


 EVP - after we shut down the SB-7 we asked some more questions and Max asked if it wanted us to leave and we got an answer....

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