Investigation 2-12-12


 There seems to be a EVP when I pan the bottom of the bed at the 14 second mark

We were invited to come out to a family friend's home of one of our investigators. Some of the claims included her former boyfriend visiting her and climbing into bed and speaking to her, a small child thought to be her younger sister who passed away at a young age, and her late father visiting at times.

We began our investigation in the bedroom where her ex-boyfriend Tony had visited, we used alot of equipment Ovilus, recorder with ES speaker and Mel meters. We caught some activity with the ovlius saying "Lord", "Reached" and an EVP of "I'm Healed".

After spending more several minutes in the bedroom we moved the investigation to the other bedroom. Where we received no EVP's. While going to the back bedroom to retrieve a piece of equipment, Will was walking through the living room, and he heard a little girl.

Will then moved to the playroom where she kept some toys for her niece, while sitting in the room one of the toys started making noise.

We soon wrapped up our investigation for the evening.





Will walking through living room and hear a small child's voice

littlegirllivingroom12021204 (2).mp3


In bedroom - OVX says "reached" and "Lord" and towards the end you hear an voice say "I'm healed" at 1:28


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