Providence, NC

 01-09-11 Providence, NC - Residence

EVP - This recorder was setup upstairs in the extra storage room across from the kids playroom - report of footsteps. This EVP was picked up at 13 minutes and 51 seconds into investigation. You'll hear a voice say "bathroom" at the 29 second mark. I guess ghosts have to go too. 


EVP - This recorder was setup in the kids playroom. Here is the entire ghost box session.  See what you can make out....


All photo, video, and audio files are the property of VIPS 2011

 EVP - This recorder was setup in the clients bedroom.  Investigator asked if you want me to stop taking picures and you hear ...a response in a childs voice


EVP - Investigator is talking about the spirit scaring children and the dogs and calls it a "coward" but the voice talking over him is saying "it's you" 


This EVP was captured using the Ghost Box in the upstairs hallway. I ask what's your name and I get Steve....twice


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